Our Vision

The Center for Urban Education’s vision is to be a space of learning and sharing with communities to positively transform educational opportunities and experiences.

CUE currently structures its research, service, and knowledge dissemination in three concentration areas:

Community Partnership & Engagement

The Center for Urban Education is, at its core, a research center, but the success of its findings, products and progress in influencing practice is largely dependent on community partnership and engagement. CUE thanks and acknowledges its various partners, ranging from school administrators and districts to community councils and foundations, and from government contacts and offices to local and regional parent/teacher organizations.

Educator Preparation & Development

CUE's focus on research and practice means that the Center will develop and evaluate improved approaches to teacher professional development and overall systemic improvement for urban school systems. Such approaches will be designed to prove that every child, regardless of race or economic status, can become competent for our information society and economy in well-operated schools.

The concept of a high-quality regional educator training and professional development facility is developed and evaluated through the center. It also helps to develop, deliver, and document processes and tools that can yield major improvement in urban school systems.

CUE provides a strong base for partnership with the Pittsburgh Public Schools and many other public and private districts that have diverse student bodies.  These schools work toward a systemic and coherent regional effort to improve the learning of diverse students.

Student Academic & Social Development

CUE will build a strong foundation of institutional advancement for the next generation of diverse faculty. Achieving this means recruiting a strong role model as a senior faculty member who gives the School a clear national identity that leverages all relevant Pitt strengths.

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